Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Effective Tips To Maximize Your Use Of "To Do" Lists

The habit of making lists, setting goals and planning ones actions in advance has been a well known standard for businessmen, multi-taskers, and those who strive to get the most out of their day to day activities and lives for years. There is something about the very act of writing down ones intentions and goals on paper that anchors them in our conscious AND subconscious minds. Perhaps just as important is the act of crossing these tasks off our list once they have been accomplished ... each time we mark a goal as "completed" it affirms to our subconscious that we have been successful, and provides an opportunity to assess "what is next", "what is most important now", and "how far do I have to go". These are the tools, techniques, and habits used by many to optimize the results they get from daily goal setting and list making!

Recommended Tools:

Ballpoint pen
Red ballpoint pen
Metal clips
5 x 8 index cards (2 or more colors preferable)
Legal pad
Highlighter (2 or more colors preferable)

Ft Myers Marketing| Effective Tips For Making & Using Lists

Set aside time to create your lists and MAKE IT A PRIORITY!

If you have appointments with others include the time you agreed to meet them!

Write down "must do" commitments in RED INK!

Highlight items that you are habitually avoiding, missing, or putting off!

Make separate lists for complex or long term projects (use * to denote see separate list)!

Use clips to attach relevant lists to your day timer, daily planner, or appointment book!

Use color coded cards for different types of projects!

Write down your long term goals and carry that list in your wallet where you will notice it often!

Review your list throughout the day, cross off completed tasks, & plan the best use of time to complete the remainder!

Carry your lists, Day Timer, and list making supplies on a clipboard & learn to use them together as one tool!

Ft Myers Marketing| Effective Tips For Making & Using Lists

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